Affirmative Action

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Tip Trans accepts that there is a need to implement comprehensive affirmative action strategies and invest in human resource development which arises from the need for political, economic and social transformation of the South African society. Tip Trans’s affirmative action policy is inspired not only by what it regards as an ethical imperative in its corporate culture, but also as a strategy to survive and thrive in the new South Africa.  The strategy that is adopted aims to eradicate all forms of discrimination.  It emphasizes the development and investment in human resources and ensures that the economic opportunities in society are available to everybody, while Tip Trans gains a competitive advantage from the talents and energy of all members of the labour force.

Tip Trans is an employer of people in the vicinity of Transport Solutions and will continue to generate employment with an emphasis on equal opportunity, job advancement and promotion on merit, irrespective of race or gender.  We aim to empower people to become more productive so that they might contribute more fully to the economic growth of the economy.

With its affirmative action strategy, Tip Trans aims to identify and remove all discriminatory practices in the workplace and to be more proactive to enable the organization to change with the environment and to avoid change being forced upon the company by legislation.


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