Good Governance

Pieter’s exposure to the corporate environment affirmed the importance of adhering to good governance: providing fair and equal opportunities in the work environment, reaching out to our local communities, and safeguarding our employees through health and safety initiatives.

affirmative action

Tip Trans accepts that there is a need to implement comprehensive affirmative action strategies and invest in human resource development which arises from the need for political, economic and social transformation of the South African society. Tip Trans’s affirmative action policy is inspired not only by what it regards as an ethical imperative in its corporate culture, but also as a strategy to survive and thrive in the new South Africa.  The strategy that is adopted aims to eradicate all forms of discrimination.  It emphasizes the development and investment in human resources and ensures that the economic opportunities in society are available to everybody, while Tip Trans gains a competitive advantage from the talents and energy of all members of the labour force.

Tip Trans is an employer of people in the vicinity of Transport Solutions and will continue to generate employment with an emphasis on equal opportunity, job advancement and promotion on merit, irrespective of race or gender.  We aim to empower people to become more productive so that they might contribute more fully to the economic growth of the economy.

With its affirmative action strategy, Tip Trans aims to identify and remove all discriminatory practices in the workplace and to be more proactive to enable the organization to change with the environment and to avoid change being forced upon the company by legislation.

Health & safety

Tip Trans is committed to the moral, legal and financial responsibility to protect and safeguard its employees and other persons affected by their activities, against occupational risk to their health or safety arising from any of the operations associated with the business of the Company.

Tip Trans strictly complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 (NOSA) and ensures that all managers and employees, including Contractors and Visitors have a shared responsibility for contributing to the health and safety of all persons in the workplace.

For example, we value our employees who are exposed to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the transport industry, we provide education, voluntary access to clinics and prophylactics to drivers.

Tip Trans strictly adheres to all onsite Health & Safety regulations imposed by our clients.

internal development

The primary objectives of the Tip Trans internal development and affirmative action strategy are:

  • To develop a culture and climate in the organisation which will positively challenge and support the process of affirmative action.

  • To identify the future manpower needs of the organisation and to ensure a fair representation of disadvantaged groups throughout the company in line with specific targets.

  • To identify the potential of disadvantaged groups with the view of creating appropriate education and training opportunities.

  • To ensure that the affirmative action strategy has legitimacy within the organisation through direct employee involvement.

  • To acknowledge that the external repositioning of the business in terms of the community investment and involvement is integrally linked to the internal repositioning, in terms of training and development and non-discriminatory employment practices.

  • To ensure that progress is achieved by monitoring the effectiveness of the program on a regular basis through mechanisms considered legitimate by all levels in the organisation.

  • To achieve the above, 5% of total employee costs are spent yearly on the education and training of Tip Trans employees. Where possible, spare capacity is filled by family, friends and dependents of Tip Trans employees.  The education and development programs are based on in-house skills programs focusing mainly on the long-term development of employees.

Selected high potential black employees have also been put on focused accelerated development programs, to ensure that Tip Trans will reach its affirmative action targets.

social responsibility

Tip Trans is deeply and fully mindful of the urgency and vastness of social needs in South Africa and will at all times endeavour to be a good corporate citizen in this regard as is evidenced by our Company Vision and the maintaining of our Core Values.

Tip Trans is a knowledge and intellect intensive people driven enterprise. We are also very proud of our South African roots and are committed to the extension and enrichment of the vast body of knowledge that has accumulated in and around the Transportation Services industry.

Our direct social investment strategies revolve around initiatives that will yield the intellectually empowerment South Africans that are to be globally sought after participants in our industry and thus enhance the intellectual competitiveness of our country. Our indirect social investment will be dealt with on an ongoing basis but will always be people centred.

Tip Trans is committed to progressive transformation, as long as it is undertaken in the correct manner and we align ourselves with the BEE and EE strategies of our country. Tip Trans endeavour’s to channel services through BEE and specific SMME organisations where feasible. Tip Trans also commits to the distribution of consulting revenues to black Transportation Services alliances and business partners.

With regard to Equal Employment, Tip Trans believes in the ultimate goal of economic empowerment and has prioritised a representative population within our group in order to develop an organisation that supports the equality of all South Africans.

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