Internal Development

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The primary objectives of the Tip Trans internal development and affirmative action strategy are:

  • To develop a culture and climate in the organisation which will positively challenge and support the process of affirmative action.

  • To identify the future manpower needs of the organisation and to ensure a fair representation of disadvantaged groups throughout the company in line with specific targets.

  • To identify the potential of disadvantaged groups with the view of creating appropriate education and training opportunities.

  • To ensure that the affirmative action strategy has legitimacy within the organisation through direct employee involvement.

  • To acknowledge that the external repositioning of the business in terms of the community investment and involvement is integrally linked to the internal repositioning, in terms of training and development and non-discriminatory employment practices.

  • To ensure that progress is achieved by monitoring the effectiveness of the program on a regular basis through mechanisms considered legitimate by all levels in the organisation.

  • To achieve the above, 5% of total employee costs are spent yearly on the education and training of Tip Trans employees. Where possible, spare capacity is filled by family, friends and dependents of Tip Trans employees.  The education and development programs are based on in-house skills programs focusing mainly on the long-term development of employees.

Selected high potential black employees have also been put on focused accelerated development programs, to ensure that Tip Trans will reach its affirmative action targets.


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