Dangerous goods

We Are An Accredited Transporter of Dangerous Goods.

All Tip Trans vehicles have a safety and quality accreditation issued in terms of the Safety and Quality Assessment System – audited biennial. This assessment system is recognized by the Chemical and Allied Industries Association who currently have 135 members in South Africa.

All of our vehicles are subsequently fully equipped to transport “dangerous goods” – operating in terms of the applicable regulations.

The system ensures that when dangerous goods are transported, there are adequate safety measures in place which will protect the environment as well as anyone who may come into contact with such goods.

Examples of such goods include chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, explosives and a variety of other materials.

We therefore comply with the regulations that stipulate:

  • how dangerous goods are to be transported
  • the safety precautions to be implemented
  • the appropriate documentation which should be available when such goods are transported.

This provides assurance to our clients that their products are being transported in a safe, responsible manner with utmost care to the environment. In addition to this we constantly strive to further improve our safety standards.

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