We have a large fleet of specialised transport and
construction vehicles, equipment and trailers.

Smart. Efficient. Reliable.

Driven by Commitment

We’re changing the way people think about transportation and logistics.
Our custom truck and trailer fleet is for specialised transport and construction services, ranging from 14 to 37 tonne combinations. Our custom trailers include flatdecks, walking floors, back tippers, side tipper links and more.

We Supply

Take advantage of the cost effective solutions

Our team at Tip Trans Resources can talk to you about our full range of aggregates and products and our team at Boland Organic Supplies offer a complete range of organic compost, bark and wood chips. Visit our website for more information.

Our bulk transport services

Back & Side Tippers

Twin Bin Side Tippers


Twin Steer Tippers

Walking Floors

10m3 Tippers

Low Bed Trailers

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