We offer integrated product and transport solutions,
backed by over 50 years experience.

Tip Trans Group

Driven by: Quality, Integrity, Commitment.

At Tip Trans we source supply and deliver a full range of bulk commodities across the Western Cape in the civils, construction and agricultural industries. We’ve made huge investments in several sand and gravel mines, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, to provide the service excellence we are renowned for. Even though our three divisions operate independently, together we offer affordable solutions customised to our clients’ unique needs. We freely share our resources and in-depth industry-specific expertise to create integrated products and services.

Our Companies

Tip Trans Logistix

We have a large fleet of specialised transport and construction vehicles, equipment and trailers.

Tip Trans Resources

We supply a full range of aggregates and products for clients in the construction industry – sourced across the
Western Cape.

Boland Organic Supplies

We source, supply and deliver high
quality bulk organic material used in
the agricultural sector.

N1 Paving

We manufacture a diverse range of
the highest quality paving bricks.
We provide products to a wide
range of sectors.

Turing Insights

Turing Insights solves challenges in the bulk transport industry, by having accurate real-time visibility
on payloads and vehicles.

Siyabonwa Logistix

We transport goods between all major centres in South Africa as well as cross-border to Namibia and Botswana.

Lime Sales

Associated Companies

Paulse Multigo-FINAL LOGO_web

Paulse Multigo

Portland Aggregates

Our Recent Initiatives

Other than our social responsibility commitments Tip Trans is actively involved in various sporting events and activities via both a sponsorship and an organisational role.

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