June 29, 2024

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Karoo Pavers: A Fusion of Nature and Design

Transforming your outdoor spaces into captivating retreats can be achieved with the right choice of materials. Enter N1 Paving’s Karoo Pavers – a stunning blend of natural inspiration and innovative design. Discover how Karoo Pavers can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your driveways, pathways, and outdoor entertainment areas, bringing the charm of the Karoo region right to your doorstep.

Karoo Pavers: A Fusion of Nature and Design

Add interest to any paved area with 50mm Karoo Pavers, breaking the traditional paving effect with their square shape. Ideal for driveways, pathways, around pools, outside entertainment areas, sidewalks, and any other domestic applications you have in mind, Karoo Pavers offer versatility and style. Available in four colours – grey, tan, terracotta, and charcoal – these pavers allow you the freedom to play with various colour combinations and installation patterns to create unique designs, suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Karoo Paver Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 150x150x50mm

Compressive Strength: 25 MPA

Mass/Per Brick: 2.4 kg

Bricks per m2: 44.44

Colours Available: Grey, Tan, Terracotta, Charcoal

Karoo Paver Benefits and Features

Karoo Pavers offer a multitude of benefits:

Durability: With a compressive strength of 25 MPA, Karoo Pavers ensure long-lasting performance even in high-traffic areas.

Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from driveways to pathways, Karoo Pavers adapt effortlessly to different outdoor environments.

Aesthetic Appeal: Available in four natural-inspired colours, Karoo Pavers add visual interest and charm to any outdoor space, enhancing its overall appeal.

Ease of Installation: With dimensions of 150x150x50mm and a mass of 2.4 kg per brick, Karoo Pavers are easy to handle and install, making the paving process efficient and hassle-free.

Recent Installations

Driveway by Alpha Pave

This pristine installation by Alpha Pave combines precision and elegance, creating a visually stunning and captivating entrance to your home. 

Featured product: 150x150 Charcoal Karoo pavers from N1 Paving with a grey border*.

Various installations by Urban Pave

These recent installations by Urban Pave beautifully showcase the possible colour combinations* of the Karoo paver range.

Featured product: 150x150 Karoo pavers from N1 Paving in charcoal, tan and terracotta colours*. 

*When placing your order please verify colour against an actual sample as colours can vary from batch to batch. Colours displayed on this page have been standardised for general viewing purposes.

Installation Tips

To achieve optimal results with Karoo Pavers, consider the following installation tips:

1. Ensure proper preparation of the base surface, including compaction and levelling.

2. Experiment with different laying patterns and colour combinations to create unique designs.

3. Use a suitable sealant to protect the pavers and enhance their longevity. 

4. Regularly clean and maintain the pavers to preserve their appearance and performance over time.

Ready to transform your outdoor spaces with Karoo Pavers? 

Experience the charm of the Karoo right in your own backyard with Karoo Pavers.

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