July 12, 2024

Mandela Day: 8 Practical Ideas for Corporates to Spend Their 67 Minutes

Mandela Day: 18 July 2024

As Mandela Day approaches, it presents a unique opportunity for businesses to encourage their employees to engage in 67 minutes of service, honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

At Tip Trans Group, we believe in the power of collective effort to bring about meaningful change. Have a look at this recent article highlighting the recent social responsibility initiatives by the Tip Trans Group companies.

Here are eight practical ideas for where employees in the Western Cape can spend their 67 minutes.

We challenge other companies in the Western Cape to join us in this movement of kindness and community service.

1. Organise a Community Clean-Up

A clean environment promotes health and well-being. Employees can form small teams to clean up local parks, beaches, or neighbourhoods. Providing protective clothing (visibility vests, gloves, tools for picking up trash), trash bags, and recycling bins will ensure the activity is safe, effective and environmentally friendly. This hands-on activity not only improves the surroundings but also fosters team spirit and a sense of accomplishment.


Cape Town Beach Cleanup

2. Donate Blood

Encourage employees to donate blood through local blood drives or hospitals. Blood donation is a simple yet impactful way to save lives. Arrange a group visit to a nearby blood donation centre and make it a regular part of your company’s CSR activities. This act of kindness directly supports the health sector and can have a lasting impact on many lives.


Western Cape Blood Service

3. Support Youth Initiatives

Partner with local schools, libraries, or youth centres to support youth initiatives. Employees can spend their 67 minutes mentoring, tutoring, or reading to young people. This engagement can inspire and motivate young minds, helping to shape the next generation of leaders. By investing time in youth, we contribute to the future of our communities.


Robin Hood Foundation

4. Assist at a Soup Kitchen or Food Bank

Food insecurity remains a significant issue in many communities. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or food bank allows employees to help prepare and serve meals or sort and distribute food parcels to those in need. This act of service ensures that vulnerable community members receive nutritious meals and support.


5. Skill-Sharing Workshops

Utilise the diverse skills within your workforce by offering workshops to community members. Whether it’s basic computer skills, financial literacy, or career coaching, these sessions can empower individuals with valuable knowledge and tools. Employees can volunteer to share their expertise, making a tangible difference in people’s lives.


6. Volunteer at a Local Pet Shelter

Animal shelters are often in need of extra hands. Employees can spend their 67 minutes helping to care for animals, cleaning enclosures, or assisting with administrative tasks. This not only supports the shelter but also provides comfort and care to animals in need, promoting animal welfare in the community.


7. Visit a Local Senior Citizen Centre

Spend time with the elderly at a local senior citizen centre. Employees can engage in activities such as playing games, reading, or simply having conversations with residents. This interaction can significantly brighten the day of senior citizens, providing them with companionship and a sense of connection.


8. Plant Trees or Start a Garden

Environmental sustainability is crucial for future generations. Organise a tree-planting event or start a community garden. Employees can spend their 67 minutes planting trees or setting up a garden that can be enjoyed by the community. This initiative helps to improve air quality, reduce carbon footprints, and create green spaces for all to enjoy.



Challenge to Western Cape Corporates

We challenge fellow businesses in the Western Cape to participate in the 67 minutes of service movement this Mandela Day. By engaging our employees in acts of kindness, we can collectively create a ripple effect of positive change throughout our communities. Share your initiatives using the hashtag #MandelaDay67 and inspire others to join this movement.

At Tip Trans Group, we are committed to "Transporting Hope and Transforming Lives." Let’s honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy by coming together to support our communities and make a lasting impact. Together, we can turn 67 minutes into a lifetime of change.

Join us in making a difference this Mandela Day!

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