July 12, 2023

Understanding SANS standards in paving products

All building projects must adhere to stringent specifications, exacting standards and the strictest rules. Building and construction is an opportunity for creative expression as well as an expectation to last for decades. As with all construction development, concrete paving also has to abide by set standards and is also expected to last, but under more extreme circumstances of heavy pressure and constant use.   

That is why we comply in meticulous detail with the South African National Standards (SANS) when we manufacture our paving products.

View SANS documentation.

What does it mean if paving products comply with the SANS specifications?

That the manufacturer will make use of an equipped laboratory and test batches of manufactured products on a regular basis.

The paving complies with strength specifications which are tested by means of tensile splitting and compressive strength tests.

The paving must comply with abrasive resistance specifications – meaning paving is only allowed a specified amount of ‘damage’ due to friction.·

Paving is allowed only minimal dimensional variances.

The visual quality of the paving should be acceptable.

And every customer must have recourse, if necessary, when it comes to the quality of paving blocks.

Two strength ratings within the standards have been renamed for greater clarity

The SANS1058:2012 standard now includes two new performance measurement techniques, namely: tensile splitting and abrasion testing.  

This standard sets a higher quality benchmark and is more comprehensive than the SANS 1058: 1985 standard it has replaced.  

Abrasion, cracking and break-up can be the main causes of paving failure, but research has shown that paving blocks are rarely crushed under load.  

The standards exist to ensure that a broader base of knowledge is provided to a wide range of clients, in order to ensure that the standards are fully adopted.

This also ultimately ensures that specifiers of the architectural, engineering and construction industries benefit from the new standards for paving brick manufacture. 

N1 Paving: clearing the way for continued high standards

We manufacture a diverse range of the highest quality paving bricks. Our in-house laboratory conducts regular tests on our range of products to ensure that all our paving bricks comply with the strictest SANS standards. We deliver throughout the Western Cape, providing our products to a wide range of sectors including:  civils, construction, retail and residential.

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